Introducing the hashtag “#1010Life”

-10-10-coverAs most of you know, I’ve got a book coming out May 20th called 10:10: Life to the Fullest. This project has been a real labor of love, and it has been filled with a lot of up’s and down’s (if you’re interested in the process, you can track some of the milestone moments here: 1, 2, 3). The process of finding both my voice and the clear message of the book required far more iterations than I initially expected. But five years later it is almost here!

I have really enjoyed working with Baker Books (my publisher), and they have made an investment in me that is already paying off dividends. They hired Tim Schraeder as a consultant for my social media strategy, and I have really enjoyed working with him.

The world of social media is intriguing, because it offers the ability to be connected to such a wide spectrum of people that crosses geographic, cultural, and denominational borders. It’s also got a potential downside though – their are SO many voices and ideas vying for people’s attention. How can someone possibly know which voices to make time to listen to and ideas to interact with?

I wrestle with this as someone who enjoys reading and interacting with a lot of people – how do I most effectively wave through the crowded marketplace of ideas on social media? Now I am also wrestling with this as an author. How do I take the ideas that I want to talk about, and get them out there in such a crowded and noisy atmosphere in a way that they will be heard?

This is a question that Tim has really helped me to think through in a productive way. He’s helped me to take the focus away from the pressure in the publishing world to “build your platform” (a phrase I have come to despise, and will write more about soon…). Instead, he’s encouraged me to really think through what kind of a conversation that I want to start. That is where the world of social media can become such a powerful medium – it can create space for important conversations that involve a myriad of different voices and perspectives.

This helped me to reframe the way that I hope to engage with social media. The whole genesis of the book 10:10 was the desire to further explore the promise of Jesus that he has come to bring life in its fullest expression (John 10:10). This promise is well known but rarely experienced, and that is a source of intrigue for me. It has regularly elicited questions like this:

  • Why is there such a discrepancy between those who want to experience the 10:10 Life and those who actually do?
  • If I am not experiencing the 10:10 Life, what can I change or do to move towards it?
  • For that matter, what does the 10:10 Life even look like?

This blog will remain the primary vehicle by which I will be exploring ideas, and I am trying to better integrate my friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram into the conversation as well.

That’s where the hashtag #1010Life comes in. Both Twitter and Instagram use hashtags to thread conversations together, so I am going to start using that to connect my various ideas together. It will also serve as the means by which I can track your thoughts and perspectives. I’m excited to put some energy into the conversation around this important topic of spiritual wholeness/fullness. I think it is so important, and touches every dimension of the human experience.

So beginning this week, you will see #1010Life start to show up in a lot of my stuff. I would love it if you would participate in the conversation and add your own thoughts to it. I’d like to begin to build a thread that integrates a wide variety of perspectives into the ultimate question: What does it mean to experience fullness of life in God?

Thanks again for all of your support. I am excited to see where this goes, and I am grateful for every one of you!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing the hashtag “#1010Life”

  1. Love it. Great work and thanks for your kind words!— Sent from Mailbox for iPhone

    On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 9:04 AM, Daniel Hill’s Blog

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