10:10 the Book

10-10-cover frontA large percentage of my life has been dedicated to the pursuit of a whole picture of God that captures the full dimension of both the theology and practice of life in Christ. I would find valuable pieces within different traditions, but it often felt like I had to copy-and-paste to gain the whole picture I longed for.

That is why 10:10 is so special for me. It represents the different elements that collectively comprise a whole vision of life in Christ. It is something that I have been compiling for over a decade, and I believe it will serve as a catalytic faith mechanism for anyone hungry to know and serve God in a deeper way.

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“Jesus told his disciples to observe his way of life, and to then follow that pattern by faithfully living out these same actions in our everyday life. What we need is a holistic vision of Christian discipleship that returns us to that essence of who Jesus was and what it was that he taught his followers to do. In 10.10 we get a vision of that wholeness of life in Christ and a path that leads us to becoming a holistic witness for God.”

Dr. John Perkins, Author and Co-Founder of CCDA (Christian Community Development Association)

“A lot of folks tiptoe through life just to arrive at death safely… coming to die only to find that they have not truly lived. Daniel Hill’s debut book is a manifesto of life — it is an invitation to look our fears in the face and live in defiance of them. It is a celebration of the God who came to give life — — not death or religion or fluff or guilt… but life. Hallelujah!”10-10-cover back

Shane Claiborne, Activist and Best Selling Author

“I’ve known Daniel for fifteen years. When you spend time with him, you find his bravery and passion contagious, and just the same thing happened to me as I read these pages. His message is intelligent, courageous, and necessary.”

Shauna Niequist, Author of Bread & Wine

“Many lament the decline in church and religion as we’ve known them. But Daniel Hill believes church and religion as we’ve known them must make way for something better. He invites us to join him as pioneers in search of “something better” – to cross the frontier of fear and discover, on the other side, what it means to be fully alive.”

Brian D. McLaren, Author, Speaker, Activist

Life to the Fullest by Daniel Hill provides a Biblical and prophetic vision for a holistic ministry of faith in the complex world of North American churches. Daniel Hill asks the difficult but essential questions that all Christians need to ask. Daniel Hill’s life, ministry, and now this book, testifies to how faith leads to the fullness of life found in the mission of God.”

Dr. Soong-Chan Rah, author, Milton B. Engebretson Associate Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism

“Caution! This book has the potential to ignite a faith movement among the next generation of Christ followers that will release their unrealized potential and transform communities around the world. I highly recommend it!”

Rev. Dr. Brenda Salter McNeil, Speaker, Author & Professor of Reconciliation Studies Seattle Pacific University

“Daniel Hill has the uncanny ability to bring us from what can seem routine or lifeless faith and an understanding of God, to something very vivid, colorful and anything but routine. If you wonder if you are missing something in your walk with God, but can’t understand what it might be, 10:10 helps us identify that and jump-start us back to the place we are meant to be.”

Dan Kimball, Author & Pastor of Vintage Faith Church

“In a consumer culture it is difficult to rescue the term abundance from the idea of more stuff. It is even more challenging to bring the deep language Jesus uses when he talks about abundance into our culture in a way that makes sense and creates freedom. Daniel Hill does that, and has given us a book that creates a stirring in hearts that have an abundance of things, but an emptiness of spirit. A much needed book.”

Rick McKinley, Author, Pastor of Imago Dei Community, Portland, OR

“This book changed the way that I think about and embody faith. Using biblical principles and experiences from his own life, Daniel Hill shows us that faith is absolutely robust enough to handle our complex, nuanced and unpredictable lives. Rather than holding on for dear life (and faith!) when life befuddles us, Hill offers us another way — one that that is emboldened, passionate and deeply connected to God’s spirit and mission. In this book, Hill follows Jesus down a path toward holistic and redeemed living, and along the way, illuminates that path for the rest of us. This book will lead you on toward Jesus and freedom to believe.”

Dr. Christena Cleveland, Author of “DisUnity in Christ”

“Daniel Hill is a man of faith. He has lived out his faith in the context of the inner city where his faith has been tested on a daily basis. Daniel along with his wife and children have taken the challenge to live in a place of difficulties with people that are often neglected and have been pushed to the margins of society. They have needed a strong and vibrate faith to survive. Who better than Daniel to teach us about faith. His book 10:10 Life to the Fullest, details how faith is the path to live life in it’s fullness. I whole heartily recommend this book for any person on the course of knowing and living for Christ.”

Coach Wayne Gordon, Author, Co-Founder of CCDA, and Pastor of Lawndale Christian Community Church

“Our faith is too small. We have an infinite God, but we don’t realize what that can mean for our lives. Daniel Hill is living faith in its fullness, and he calls us to do the same. It is a God call, a transformative call, a truly Biblical call, a call to a life beyond your dreams. Learn how to truly trust God and live a life full of adventure. And watch the blessings that are poured out upon the people.”

Michael O. Emerson, Author, Allyn & Gladys Cline Professor of Sociology and Co-Director of the Kinder Institute for Urban Research, Rice University

“Daniel Hill compels and challenges us to live life to the fullest extent that God has designed for us. This book is a personal, theological and activistic approach to our faith that stirs deeply and pushes us all towards a more vibrant life.”

Heather Larson, Executive Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church

“Reading Daniel Hill’s new book, it is clear he understands the challenges of being sold out to faith in Jesus in the real world full of conflict, confusion and compromise. I feel encouraged that in spite of my limitations, I can lean into the Abundant Life Daniel encourages us to embrace.”

Noel Castellanos, Author, CEO of CCDA

“In Life to the Fullest, Daniel Hill reminds us of the life we have in Jesus Christ. Informed by his incredible life of service and leadership, Daniel explores the full force faith can and ought to have in our lives. Life to the Fullest is in the tradition of the best of Dallas Willard’s writing: insistent on the power available to Christ-followers in the here and now. Life to the Fullest will reinvigorate your faith, and call you deeper into the “abundant life” Daniel so passionately describes in this moving book.”

Michael Wear, Writer, Speaker, Founding Partner of Values Partnerships, and former National Faith Vote Director for the White House faith-based initiative.

“If you’re looking for a book that gives full measure to the fullness of life in Christ, Daniel Hill has written it. 10:10 is like having Jesus bring chocolates to your relationship. Don’t leave Amazon without it, and buy/bring enough to share the full measure of the pleasure with other disciples.”

Leonard Sweet, best-selling author, professor (Drew University, George Fox University)

“In 10:10: Fullness of Life, Daniel Hill invites us to an applied faith, fully submitting our lives to Jesus. With thoughtful analysis of Scripture and real life examples, Daniel provides a pathway toward the abundant life to which Christ invites his followers.”

Matthew Soerens, Author and Field Director, Evangelical Immigration Table

“Through faith, word, and action, Daniel Hill has lived into his calling as a young urban pastor of a dynamic multiethnic church. Now he shares the challenges faced, principles employed, and lessons learned as he has grown into his role. More than a collection of clever formulas and hip anecdotes, 10:10 comes from the heart of a pastor who is passionate about seeing holistic faith translated into every aspect of life and ministry. Daniel’s book is a gift to Christian leaders in need of encouragement and a fresh vision.”

Edward Gilbreath, author of Birmingham Revolution and Reconciliation Blues

“Daniel Hill is a John 10:10 kind of leader and friend. He knows what it’s like to sit in the tension between longing for more and staring at life’s often bland reality. Daniel personally traded in his own comfort for courage when he chose to launch River City Church and he has been faithful to building a dynamic community that pursues a vibrant and vigorous faith. If you are desiring an abundant, hope filled life rooted and compelled by an audacious faith, then you must read and live out the God given insights found in this book.”

Jarrett & Jeanne Stevens, Authors, Lead Pastors of Soul City Church

“So many of us live life in black & white, when Jesus offers us life in full color High Definition. Daniel helps us access what is right in front of us, yet seemingly so far away: God’s peace, presence, and power. Tired of the status quo? Experience Life to the Fullest!”

Dr. Eric Michael Bryant, Author, Pastor at Gateway Church

“Daniel Hill inspires Christ followers today to move beyond the comfortable, routine, mediocrity of the status quo that sometimes describes our everyday spiritual experiences. He gently guides readers into redefining what faith can look like when we face fears and live into the “fullness of faith” in Christ. He encourages us to allow God to take us to the places of our deepest fears so that we might better learn what it means to live life to the fullest – without fear, insecurity, false beliefs, and lack of courage. Instead, Daniel calls us into missional living – a life of faithfulness, hope, and deeply intimate relationship with our Creator as we seek to be “Kingdom People” who are fully alive!”

Mae Elise Cannon, author of Social Justice Handbook: Small Steps for a Better World and Just Spirituality: How Faith Practices Fuel Social Action

“Daniel has written a wonderful book that calls us to the abundant life of a full orbed faith, involving risk taking, deep intimacy with God, and mission in a multiethnic but broken world. I loved it!”

Rick Richardson, Associate Professor, Wheaton College, author of Reimagining Evangelism

Watch an Interview on 10:10:

10-10 interview.png


In John 10.10 Jesus proclaims that he has come to bring life in all of its fullness, a promise that taps into humanity’s deepest desire. But for a large number of Christ followers, this promise seems beyond our reach. Trapped between our longing and our reality, we are faced with a dilemma. What do we do when we have fully submitted our lives to Jesus, yet still carry this gnawing sense that something is missing?

“10.10: Fullness of Life” makes the case that what’s missing is… faith.

This may sound paradoxical at first glance because faith is the one common denominator amongst Jesus’ followers.  But the ultimate question is not whether we have faith – that’s a given – the question is whether we have a vibrant life of faith that is holistic, transformational, and multidimensional. Is faith in Jesus simply a doorway to salvation, or is it a path toward fullness of life?

Faith in 3D

Hebrews 12.2, which concludes the richest section on faith in the Bible, says that the secret to finding the holistic, multi-dimensional faith that we so desperately long for comes by, “fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.” The pathway to that fullness of life comes through faith, and Jesus is actively involved in every step of that process.  The word used for “author” (also translated as “pioneer”) leads to imagery used heavily throughout the book.  As the author of our faith, Jesus takes our individual story and writes it by faith into the larger, redemptive story of God. As the pioneer of our faith, Jesus leads us into this rich life of faith through a step-by-step journey that depends on an interactive and intimate connection to him.  All that is needed is clear instruction on what that path looks like.

By fusing the incredible stories of faith found in Hebrews 11 with real life stories of transformation, 10:10 creates that clear path by developing a framework of “Faith in 3D.” Faith in 3D is what Jesus uses to ignite that unrealized potential within us and to help us find the fullness of life we long for:

Dimension 1: Faith & Fear – It can be argued that there is no greater threat to a life of faith than fear.  When we minimize, disregard, or ignore our fears we correspondingly threaten our faith.  That is why the single most repeated command in the Bible is “fear not.” Fear sets the limits of your life, and it throttles our capacity to boldly respond to Jesus as he leads us to new dimensions of experience.  Jesus wants us to become the people we were created to be and step into the life that was designed for us.   Fear obscures that fullness of life, so Jesus intentionally and repeatedly brings those he loves to the intersection of fear and faith. Jesus’ desire is not to avoid or eliminate fear, but instead to deepen our faith to overcome fear so that we can follow him anywhere, anytime. 

Dimension 2: Faith & Intimacy – The most important outcome of a life of vibrant faith is to experience spiritual intimacy with God. Spiritual intimacy was the defining mark of almost every hero of faith listed in Hebrews chapter 11, including Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, and David. All three dimensions of faith are important and interrelated, but spiritual intimacy with God is the glue that holds them all together.As the author of our faith, Jesus both creates full access, and then helps us to navigate the complexities of connecting deeply to an invisible and unseen God.

Dimension 3: Faith & Mission – God is a God of mission. God is redeeming and renewing the world, and every follower of Jesus is designed with a unique contribution to make to the advancement of the cause of Christ. Too many Christians live without an everyday awareness of this opportunity, or they are led to believe that faith is only about their personal experience. In either case, the end result is a faith that stagnates. As the pioneer of our faith, Jesus leads us step-by-step into a life of mission, and there is nothing more exciting in the world. It is only when we follow Jesus into mission by faith that we become fully alive and step into the life he has designed for us.

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